Firm thought ≒ Diamond

The firmest material on this planet is diamond
That is the most valuable stone.
It is the only stone whose hardness is 10.

The artificial diamond is
Made from CO2 in the air
All while we hear about the greenhouse effect gas.

Something of the most value is
Made from CO2 in the air.

Diamond is firm and beautiful.
And the thought is firm and strong.

Firm thought ≒ Something valuable ≒ Carbon neutral
  PGG     Diamond      Carbon Neutral
PERTEX® is a functional material characterized by “lightness, flexibility, and excellent quick-drying ability” developed by Perseverance Mills, a UK textile maker established in 1901 which originally manufactured typewriter ribbons and parachute fabrics. In 1979, mountaineer Hamish Hamilton commissioned the company to develop a tent material, which led to the creation of PERTEX®. This thin, lightweight, and environmentally resilient fabric gained much recognition among users.
PERTEX® continues to not only focus on functionality, but to also value utility, versatility, and durability in its product creation process. “In order to realize something ‘light, thin, and durable,’ we are doing our best for our users without compromisingor putting up with anything,” said Mr.Taka, who has been involved in making products for many years. The special logo of PERTEX® and PGG, embodying an elevated perspectiveand solid stance, will surely captivate many fans.
The definition of “thin, light, and strong” isn’t limited to resistance to tearing. Although it’s tear-resistant, its thinness makes it prone to holes. So, they pursued a definition of “strong” that also included “resistance to friction, hard to tear when rubbed, and non-fraying.” The result of this development was the diamond-crowned PERTEX® “Diamond Fuse.” To prevent fraying from cut threads, we successfully created robust, diamond-like multifaceted fibers for each thread which composes the fabric. The fabric surface exhibits a glossy sheen, giving off a complex, beautiful sparkle like a diamond, depending on the angle.
Although non-fraying allows frequent washing, adopting “Diamond Fuse” had its difficulties. The fabric fibers are fine with no gaps on the surface, which made it hard for both PGG’s 3D logo and the print logo to adhere. Furthermore, achieving PGG’s signature “stretch feel,” which allows the clothes to fit snugly to the body, demanded high technical skills because the fabric does not stretch thinly and is difficult to cut and sew. Particularly for pants, we combined it with highly stretchable 100% polyester fabric to ensure easy movement. We hope you enjoy the bold layered cutting born from this process.
The fabric used on the surface of the new quilted design blouson is PERTEX® “Shield.” It is exceptionally breathable. This superior functional fabric, known as waterproof breathable material, leverages the lightness, flexibility, and durability of PERTEX® while providing a waterproof level of 20,000mm and breathability of 20,000g/m². It absorbs and expels sweat and stuffiness produced by the body, thanks to the ultra-thin polyurethane breathable waterproof membrane on the fabric’s reverse side, effectively blocking wind and rain.
A key point is that the modern square box silhouette doesn’t seem highly functional at first glance. Sturdy fabric is used as a base, and thin padding gives a pleasant volume when worn. The contrasting flat reverse side uses a cardboard material with quilting. This newly-designed blouson has become a functional and urban-friendly item.
A coat made of PERTEX® “Equilibrium,” a versatile fabric with moderate stretchability achieved through thread processing and sewing design. The fabric surface is tightly woven with thin threads, and the reverse side incorporates rougher thick threads, creating a textured surface that contacts the skin. It strikes a balanced realization of windproof, water-repellent properties, and excellent separation from the skin. Thinness is maximized by using heat-cut and pressure-bonded sewing, resulting in a coat so light that you forget you’re wearing it. Furthermore, our cold-resistant accessories capable of withstanding a cold winter are made with the “Diamond Fuse” fabric. We have developed several essential items that you will find yourself using frequently due to the fabric being light yet incredibly sturdy.
PERTEX® develops various types of ultra-thin, lightweight, and tough materials. Its unique charm is its flexibility to adapt to changes in weather and temperature, and its many unique materials with high-level functionality, including breathability.
The brand concept of PERTEX® is “ELEMENTAL PROTECTION,” meaning to protect people from minor discomforts. The ultimate goal, of course, is comfort, but with a desire for people to also have a connection with nature. We strive to produce products that can protect from the discomforts that can occur in nature, which is aligned with PGG’s ongoing goal for everyday urban wear. It has become a collaboration that together ponders the question, “What is essential for human comfort?”
The time right before the sun sets when the sky is ablaze in color is truly magical. The pink gradation produced by the angle of the sun's tilt appears for just a moment at the end of the day. In particular, this pale, foggy pink goes great with a stone gray color. Smoky pink is the color of the sunset, somber, warm, and calming.
A second model has emerged among PGG’s shoes.
We updated the design while maintaining the texture and shape of the body with its outstanding flexible fit. The model sports logos printed on the tongue and heel portion straps, with laces delicately woven into the side parts. The insole is printed with the number “2,” signifying model number 2.
Among ores seen at the museum, the most brilliant diamonds revealed a shine that varied with their characteristic cut, angles, and sizes. The triangles of varied sizes held a fascination, which we worked them into a triangular print. The original diamond pattern expresses shadows that reveal a shine depending on the angle. One feels a sense of being pulled into a diamond pattern that seamlessly shines on and on without end.
Voluminous and airy wool blend for the surface and polyester on the back create a knitted fabric that pairs outstanding heat retention and lightness with a just-right thickness and resiliency. A key point is the finish applied to the knitted fabric, which yields a knit finish that offers just the right amount of density yet feels very light when slipped on. The structured silhouette with wide back and the design with expanded range of motion for the arms matches wearable comfort with ease of movement.
HARDNESS MAX is one of our patterns symbolizing the season.
Drawn by the strength in the “maximally hard” image of the words, we combined the image with PGG’s philosophy of “PERFECT PERFORMANCE GENUINE GENESIS” to bring a new logo design into being.
The PGG logo is peeking out from behind the changing design, almost like it’s being sucked in. What could this mean?
The PGG logo shines like a brilliant diamond. It exists like strong and firm emotions.
The straight and calmly aligned PGG logo represents continuing emotions.
The design, worked with reflectors that shine brightly when catching light in the dark, charms with the uniqueness of its presence and its originality. This practical detail is particularly welcome for safe running, walking, or cycling at night.
Diamonds shine with eternal brilliance. Their extreme rarity and clarity have made these precious stones immensely valuable and a symbol of beauty for humans. Diamonds, the hardest natural gemstone, are mined from deep within the earth. The astronomical time required for these shimmering stones to form naturally is beyond comprehension. While the idea of diamonds sleeping at the depths of the earth sounds elegant, the mining process requires excavating a large amount of soil. It is said that more than a ton of soil is excavated for every gram of high-quality diamond. In most cases, the mines are unfilled and abandoned, raising concerns about their impact on the natural environment. This makes us sad.
In 2022, lab-grown diamonds by “Aether” was certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the world’s largest diamond grading institution, as being on par with naturally mined diamonds. Aether announced that every one-carat diamond it produces removes 20 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere. This amount is equivalent to offsetting the carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) of an average American for one year and three months. This may change the value and purpose of diamonds in the future, even though they are equally beautiful. While both natural and lab-grown diamonds hold value, they will likely trigger heated debates.